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alza_robotizace_chrastany has long been looking for a solution that will offer the best possible use of warehouse space and higher productivity to once again speed up the dispatch of orders to customers. That’s why they decided to incorporate BOXOLLO.COM – an algorithm for calculating the smallest possible box size for shipping your products.

Now when needs to pack a new order on the e-shop or calculate the ideal packaging for a multi-item order, it will use BOXOLLO.It will help to speed up the packaging process, reduce packaging consumption and contribute to safer transport of goods to the client.

Alza reduces packaging costs by optimising boxes for their products

Alza sends a query with the dimensions and weight of the individual items in the order. BOXOLLO will design a box with the optimal dimensions for order.

The calculation outputs make it easy to compare your packaging design with reality.

Alza has numeric expression of concrete packaging consumption savings in their hands
They now select the shipping type of orders more efficiently based on product data. So can Alza proactively reduce air freight costs and create an environmentally responsible packaging process.

How can you fell in love with BOXOLLO?

Knowledge of packaging price

You know the cost of your packaging
at the time of order placement

15-30% reduction in dimensions

You know the cost of your packaging
at the time of order placement


With knowledge of internal order data
we design the minimum box size
and product storage

Feasibility study for FREE

The amount of your investment in the calculation
we calculate from real data


BOXOLLO is ready for
calculations even at peak sales


Deciding whether to pack by hand
or automatically? BOXOLLO
will give you the answer based on the data

How it works?

Product information (weight, dimensions, number) related to individual packages is entered into the application.

The calculation parameters can be selected in the optimization settings:

  • Splitting into multiple packages
  • Limit the number of pieces in an order.
  • Maximum product/package weight
  • Maximum dimensions of the resulting package
  • Rotation


BOXOLLO Calculations Outputs

  • Information about packing/unpacking the product according to the specified parameters
  • Dimensions of the final package
  • Splitting into multiple packages
  • Assignment of the product to a specific package

Advanced options by using API

  • Sending data via API – direct connection to your ERP system
  • Real-time API response
  • Documentation available in Apiary – easy integration
  • Business and technical support for the entire solution
  • Tablet app for operators to interpret data

Universal decision-making process

  • Possible combinations of API queries
  • Fixed (selection from given box sizes) vs. Dynamic packing (automatic packing)
  • Possibility to repeat queries in relation to internal warehouse/brand logic etc.

Data backup and availability

  • Each compute server has a backup in case of failure
  • Separate compute server to cover compute peaks
  • Different geolocation of datacenters reduces the risk of data unavailability
  • In case of failure of both datacenters, we perform a secondary backup