Save money by optimizing
your boxes
Profitable Logistics at Scale. Use Data-Driven Decision for your Logistics Insights.
Count your Minimal Boxes on the fly by using your Own Product Sizes.
Save more by reduction
of air-transport costs
Air-transport cost you around 30% of transportation price.
Kill it now and forever!

Our references

It is simple. We use BOXOLLO for packaging dimensions optimization and saving our shipment costs.

Cut Costs

We will link your information system with our algorithm and suggest the optimal dimensions for your order.

So you know the packaging costs already at the time of order creation.

High Performance

BOXOLLO is ready for calculations even during the peak selling season so you can make decisions without waiting.

We communicate with your ERP in real time.

Data-based Desicions

Make decisions based on data directly from your operations.

The calculation outputs make it easy to compare your packaging design with reality

Optimise your Warehouse

Decide between manual or automatic packaging based on data.

Try the BOXOLLO Android / iOS app for distribution centers.

How it works?

BOXOLLO – Minimum Box Size Calculation Tool for Logistics and Fullfilment

BOXOLLO is a tool for calculating the smallest possible box size for transporting your products.

Need to pack a new order in your e-shop or calculate the ideal packaging for cabinet components in a furniture company? Use BOXOLLO. Both options will help speed up the packaging process, reduce packaging consumption, and contribute to safer transport to the client.

The calculation outputs make it easy to compare your packaging design with reality. You will find concrete savings in packaging material consumption. You will more efficiently select the shipping type of your order based on product data. Proactively reduce air freight costs and create an environmentally responsible packaging process.

Reduce the size of your packaged products by up to 30%

Fewer shipments and greater efficiency | Lower packaging costs | Reduced carbon footprint of transport packaging

Try BOXOLLO on your own data

Enter your product data and packaging requirements in our tool, or email us

and we will help you with calculations based on the product feed.